I’m really sorry! >_<


I am really really really sorry everyone! Lot’s of unexpected and unfortunate things happened to me last month, so I wasn’t in the right mood to continue translate nor read any novels. Actually my last month was kinda like one of these depressing BE novels. Friends betraying you, breaking up with your bf, screwing up the exams, getting in to a huuuge fight with your bro (well this one’s pretty normal… I guess) etc etc. What sucks the most is, when it happens altogether, I don’t even have tears to cry… or should I say, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry 😛

I was kinda depressed for last few days, spend time mostly sleeping and playing games, vegetable stealing or whatever (actually this game called FarmVille 2 is pretty interesting… for now at least) talking about games, now I really want to cry. Since now I’m not talking with both my game sources >.> I missed the division’s beta T^T

Anyway now that I’m all better, I’ll continue translating but I’m sorry to have broken my promise. There’ll be weekly releases but I can’t be sure if I’ll be able to release them on Sunday. I’ve got lot of catching up to do, in both novels and studies, plus there’s Chinese course’s final exam. But fear not, I’ll still translate!

So… that’s all for my excuses, feel free for the trash-talking and bad-mouthing 🙂



8 thoughts on “I’m really sorry! >_<

  1. So sorry to hear about the rough time you went through. Hope you are feeling better now. Have a great Lunar New Year celebration and live a life happier to those those who have betrayed you that you are much better than them and you moved on well 😘 looking forward to your translation soon

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  2. yikes, to suddenly have all those unfortunate events happening all at once is indeed hard to intake.
    may your luck be like those c-novels’ female leads experiencing all the misfortunes in the beginning only later to be even better


    1. If only!… well it’s fortunate that I tend to let go of or forget things pretty easily. So no pressure, plus I have lots of novels to read! 🙂


  3. sorry to hear about the complications in your life. hope you feel better! alternatively you could drown your sorrows in reading some more c-novels hehe.

    on a different note, i would like to offer you a position on our website chinanovel.net
    There will be no restrictions etc – you can post whenever you want but also get help from us if you need – for either translating or editing or more!

    email me or tell me how to contact you if you are interested!

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  4. No apologies needed! That’s life isn’t it?..Some days are light and sunny and some are dark thunderstorms 😝 Hope you are feeling better! And thank you for translating 😉😉

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