It’s not Sunday yet but I’m posting my first translation today since it’s 1st day of the new year. So the busy bustling of Christmas and new years are finally over, I’ll be posting new chapters on every Sunday from now on (that is only If nothing unexpected happens).

Actually I was hoping to post one at last Sunday for the Christmas but well… after taking care of two sick people I got sick myself, resulting another horrible Christmas for me. I hope everyone had a enjoyable time… unlike me.

Anyway I have something to say about the novel that I’m translating. Please don’t read if you’re not in to weak willed female leads, because I am not and I really don’t like Yi Sheng (female lead). Put it simply, she is very annoying and I don’t know why I decided to translate this novel (maybe I was sick too then) but since I said I’ll translate this, I will translate this. At least the An Chen (male lead) seems to be a fine guy.

Another thing, as I remember I said before that I’ll try translating Chong Zi, I tried some chapters and it seems fine (hard to understand as usual =.=). So I’m reminding again that it’ll be a very very very slow translation.

Okay, that’s all! Have another healthy wealthy cozy happy New Year and Congratulations, you’re a year older than the last year!


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