If I Have You, What More Could I Ask For In This Life? (如若有你一生何求 [医生,一生何求]) : Chapter 2

Chapter 2


Lin Ruohan, this person whom Yi Sheng never wanted to even mention in her dreams. This women is like her predestined doom, whenever she shows up, everything that seemed beautiful or fine would be ruined till there’s nothing left.

When Lin Ruohan first appered in her life, she was just a sophomore student taking addmission. Once she entrered the seemingly plain class, she became a flower princess. Her natural jet-black hair that seemed as thick black silk drooping down, snowy white clear skin and her princess-like temperemnt. However most deadliest of them all was the pair of big watery eyes which looked exceptionally pretty.

At that time she was sitting beside Song Anchen, pocked him arm and asked, “Do you think she’s beautiful?”

Song Anchen who was busy solving math at the time was disturbed by Yi Sheng, wasn’t able raise his head, to look at the person entering the class, suddenly alarmed his expression turned ghastly white. Seeing his expression Yi Sheng was puzzeled, pocked at his arm again.

Song Anchen said, “very pretty”

Shouldn’t be that pretty, so much so that he looked as if he saw a ghost, even with such thought, Yi Sheng didn’t really feel happy.

Listening to the Lin Ruohan’s stylish introduction at the stage, she was from capital, excels at dancing, award wining on television, still also able to play piano. The more she heard the more she was depressed with envy. Everything this girl possessed was to be jeloused  about. What about her? apart from her love for the food, there was nothing. She tried learning painting for few year yet that too ended as if trying to figure west and east while being lost in a forest. Unlike Lin Ruohan grade six at piano and awared winner at dancing.

At that time city was not fully developed. The person who came from the capital, plus being both muti-talented and beautiful, needless to say she’ll be in focal point of the whole class. Teacher  assigned her to sit behind Yi Sheng, she who was half a head taller than Yisheng.

The desk-mate of Lin Ruohan was a nerd with face full of pimples, although he does appreciate the legendery beauty, he had his heart set on books, so he didn’t much of a reaction. In contrast to that all the surroundung students, whether it’s girls or boys seemed very excited in get close with her. And Lin Ruohan gave friendly responses to each one them.

See, there’s congeniality and talent and appearence plus with the being a beauty, this pressure was too much for her ah! But this didn’t matter much to Yi Sheng, unfortunately this Lin Ruohan had to fool around her toy horse, Song Ancheng. This made Yisheng quite dejected, and they seemed to be extreamly familiar with each other.

Lin Ruohan poked again at Song Anchen’s back, said, “Big bro Anchen, give me a ride back home on bicycle in evening okay?”

Song Anchen’s face immediately ashened, he turned towards Lin Ruohan, said, “do not call me brother”

Lin Ruohan simply sticks out her tongue, with a cute smile on her face. Yisheng didn’t dare to turn her head, so she could only see Song Anchen expression from the coner of her eyes, impatience. Fot this reason she was happy throughout whole few lessons.

Why was she so happy you ask? Even if this person had so much looks to be the first, also had grades to the first, although ** standard was not of the highest quality, but not warmhearted enough to understand her toyhorse Anchen, wouldn’t she be an idiot if she’s not happy?

(** are as they were on the original, no idea what that means)

Yes, she liked Song Ancheng for a very long time. From the time when they wore small pants and went to kindergarten and back home, while holding hands. Till when highschool, where they mouted on a bicycle to return home, they had always been together. Being together all the time, they eventually became a famous couple in highschool. Although Song Anchen frowns whenever he hear this rumour, he never denied it either, therefore everyone believed that was his tacit approval.Yisheng also wanted to ask, but unable to, since she was afraid it would become akward if asked. Therefore she could only remain by his side as the helpless childhood friend.

( I don’t know what the hell those ** suppose to mean, maybe i got the last sentence wrong)

But now the world of these two childhood sweet hearts was being inturrupted by a third person who kept calling Song Anchen, ‘big brother’ and kept pestering to ride on his bike with him as soon as afternoon classes dissmissed.

Yisheng could only stand to the side looking as if a dimmed light bulb, dipressed. And finally Song Ancheng gave up, agreeing to ride with her, Yisheng felt quite dejected as she slowly dragged herself after them.

Lin Ruohan seemed beaming while sitting behind Song Anchen, happily waved at Yisheng, “Big sisYisheng, hurry and catch up”

From the begining they weren’t that familliar, now she was waving at her calling ‘Big sis’, isn’t this enthusiasm, just an act.Yisheng pursed her lips, reluctantly quickening her phase to follow after them.

When they fianlly reached the crossroads beside the river, Song Anchen stopped his bicycle, turned his head towards Yisheng, “Yisheng, come with me to Ruohan’s place”

‘Ruohan’ such affectionate tone ah! Yisheng shot him a supercilious look, “I don’t have so much free time to play the unwanted thirdwheel”  as soon as she finished speaking she turned back frantically running towards home, not daring to look back again.

The two headed towards Fengshan community, which is of the opposite neighborhood. Actually Yisheng didn’t like going back home, now it didn’t even look like one anymore. Her mother was suffering from a stomach cancer, got hospitalised, father was busy working and with taking care of mother and she was at school for most of the time, so after school Yisheng was the only soul at home.

Yisheng got back home alone, sat on the sofa hugging her knees, feeling somewhat trobled. She looked and the dull empty house, thinking back how the happy pricess from before turned in to such a misfortunate one, one that whom her prince abondened. Yisheng felt distressed lowered her head, silently weeping.

She didn’t know how long she cried, but she has fallen asleep and was woken up by sound of someone knocking the door. When She went to open the door, she saw Song Anchen standing  outside, panting. Seeing him laughing at her Yisheng felt angry, waved her hand to shut the door at his face, which Song Anchen stopped in time.

Yisheng asked, “What do you want?”

Song Anchen gasped for a breath first, “Were you born to get angry?”

“When did you see me get angry? I’m merely tired and I want to sleep, I don’t want to listen to your nonsense right now”

Song Anchen face seemd resigned looking helplessly at her, said, “I’ll be frank, Lin Ruohan may become my future younger sister”

Yisheng pouted looking disdainfully at him, Song Anchen continued, “Meaning my father and her mother are on close terms”

“Oh?” Song uncle’s having a second spring?

Song Anchen gasping for another breath, “Still, I didn’t know you were this stingy” he couldn’t help but smile ans added, “not so angry now, right?”

Yisheng turned around biting her lips, went back to the sofa again. She wanted to get angry but didn’t have a reason to be so. Lifting her eyes towards Song Anchen asked, “Did you finish your assignment yet?” She picked the wrong topic to change to conversaton.

Song Anchen came inside, taking a book from the schoolbag threw it at her, “If you have such an attitude toward studying, beating the exam to be a doctor would be possible”

Yisheng casted a glance at him, happily picking the book thrown to her bowed in worship. Song Anchen was awfully correct with his assignments, it had a high chance of being accurate and being copy his work was pretty good. Actually Yisheng regretted choosing science subjects, she was simply an idiot at those but she had no choice, inorder to get in to a mecal college she had to stake it all.

“Hello, Song Anchen! I even decided not to return home and stay studying after school”

Song Anchen smiled at her “Good, then I would’ve accompanied you”

Song Anchen was quite the competent toy horse, had she not returned home he would keep her company. At noon, two people studying together in classroom, similar as once in the past.

Sitting behind Yisheng, Lin Ruohan bided for a while, not looking for Song Anchen anymore, either knowing herself or being warned by Song Anchen, she tried to call out for him but hesitate each time as she just watched them leaving togther.

Untill the first math test…..

Everyone thought Lin Ruohan was a smart one, but unfortunately she appeared to be a exetreamly idiotic in science subjects. 17 marks for maths, 29 for physics and 36 for chemistry, not suprisingly so these were the lowest grades of the class.

Teacher called for Lin Ruohan about her poor grades. After some sincere talk and heartfelt words by the teacher, their conversation seem to have bear fruit. Actually the outcome was to make study groups for classmates to help each other, on ones with good grades tutor the ones with worst grades. So the first ten places is to tutor the last ten places accordingly. Thus the first of the class Song Anchen was to tutor the first from the bottom, Lin Ruohan.

Yisheng was placed fifth from the bottom and was grouped together with He Jin, fifth of the class.

Since then the two had very few chances to be together again. Also, they had to change the places according to new teaming to be more convienient to help with the studying, so they could only talk on the way back after school. They walked to the bicycle shed and out of the school, all the while Yisheng was silent. When Song Anchen couldn’t take it anymore, broke the silence asking, “How was the class today? He Jin’s work is actually pretty good”


Yisheng nodded absentmindedly.

Seeing her dejected face Song Anchen titled his head, patting on her head to coax her, “Then what are you so upset about?”

Yisheng, who was unconsiously walking on a straight line with half closed eyes, suddenly jumped up, frightened, abruptly retreated one step back. “Song Anchen, you… what are you doing?”

“See, I told you that you were not happy, so what’s the reason?”

How can she be happy? With these two people being so close whispering to one another and that place, which originally belonged to her being taken away by that women whom she was jealous of, she was so utterly angry.

She muttered, “You men are all the same, hoes before bros*, you all go over the top right after seeing a beauty!” her tone seemed quite blunt, which made Song Anchen stare at her blankly. He didn’t say anything just got on to his bicycle, dropped a word before leaving her*, “Ye Yisheng, you are an unreasonable person”

(hoes before bros – A guy who leaves or forgets his buddies over a girl)

(dropped a word before leaving her – it originally meant ‘shake one’s sleeve and leave’ so I don’t know if I should but I left it as simply ‘leaving after saying something’)

Of course she’s unreasonable, beacourse she’d mad with jealousy.

When niether was willing to yield, this turned out to be a huge quarrel between the two. Because of this cold war, instead of Yisheng, Song Anchen started having meal with Lin Ruohan and the two also went home after school together. And as not to be outdone by them, Yisheng also got close with He Jin on purpose. Even though they was ignored most of the time, Song Anchen would glared back at them when passing by.

School started buzzling with a new rumour: the most handsome boy of the school, Song Anchen broke up with his childhood sweetheart, and went to the embrace of the beauty, Lin Ruohan. And the old sweetheart also found a new love.

As they say, power of the masses was strong indeed, the class went to an uproar with jokes and whispers whenever Song Anchen came to class together with Lin Ruohan, this was also provoked by the bashfulness of the beauty.

When Yisheng had to take it all in without having a place to vent her anger, He Jin also had to chime in with, “They do look good together,  ah?” Yisheng suddenly caught his arm and pinched it hard, He Jin held a sullen face as he knew he was being used. Neither did Yisheng felt happy even with pinching his arm. Song Anchen was watching all this from the side with an unreadable distant expression.

Yisheng was all alone after the break up, felt lonely not having anyone to go back together. So He Jin kindly volunteered to escort the lonely flower back home. When they went to fetch his bicycle, the lovely couple of Lin Ruohan and Song Anchen was there, plus  him smiling at her.

It was as if they were compete strangers, not even glancing as they went on straight ahead, just passed by each other. All along their relationship was like standing on cloud, eventhough they were just next each other, now it seemed as if they were seperated a whole galaxy.

Thier relationship took a turn for the better after when Yisheng’s father, Ye Tian Ming went to Song Anchen’s home for a drink. When Yisheng returned home, she seeing the briefnote her father left behind reluctantly decided to go. Song Anchen was the one who opened the door, he seemed to know that she was coming, leaned on to side and gestured her to go inside. Ye Tian Ming was happy seeing her duagther, beckoned her to come over. He handed her a box, Yisheng looked at her father, baffled. Ye Tian Ming let out a gentle chuckle, “It’s a mobile phone, latest kind, I heard it can take pretty good photos. Old Song gave his son a mobile phone, now I too am giving my daughter a one”

She opened the box to see, it was a extravagant high resolution mobile phone that’s often boasted about in recent magazines. Turning to her father she expressed her gratitude to him, when suddenly her moble phone rang. Startled, she looked down at the screen, she was surprised to see the incoimg caller’s name, Song Anchen.

Ye Tian Ming peeked at at the mobile phone, luaghed ot loud while standing up. “It’s Song Anchen”

She suspiciously answered the phone, Somg Anchen’s muffled voice came through, “come to my room”

Yisheng went to the drawing room, saw no trace of Song Anchen. She hesitated for while  knocking his door before going in, only to see Song Anchen stting on the bed smiling foolishly at her, unknowingly or so she too smiled. As such, the two reconciled just like that…

They kept contact through the phones, oftenly texting to each other when they’re bored, on the other hand they were both having fun like this. Actually they were both, awfully happy.Sometime it was just a sentence like “hey” which was replied by “en!”, it was such a waste of time and money.

(Wow! People in love are sooo stupid, really such waste of money *sigh~*)

And so, on the second test Song Anchen scored in 70s for all three science subjects for the first time. Since he’s normally the one get full marks, this caught teacher’s attention. Still it was only after month of tutoring for Lin Ruohan. Since the tutoring plan made less progress than before, teacher strated to feel anxious and finally he decide to withdraw the plan.

Since it felt weird with the score difference, So Yisheng asked him if it was deliberate?

Song Anchen only smiled but didn’t answer her.

Their relatonship didn’t stay so well much longer, since Lin Ruohan stood in the middle. Why couldn’t they cast her aside? Because Lin Ruohan’s mother and Song Anchen father got married, therefore it was unlikely for Song Anchen to disregard his new younger sister.

In the end Lin Ruohan moved in to Song Anchen’s home, they lived under the same roof. After then, everytime she went there was three people, making her the third.

He jin once laughed at her, saying she was the unwanted third guest. Yisheng too strated to see as the others and the more she felt that she really is the unwanted third guest.

She was not beautiful like Lin Ruohan, when they were walking, she was always aside of the crowd and while they rode the bicycle, she was in the back silenly following them as they intimately rode together in front. She started to feel she seemed unnecessary in there.

Aterwards, she started go one step ahead of them, whether it’s going to school or eating lunch she did it faster. Going home ahter school was the same, one step ahead. Unexepectedly she got used to it.

“Yisheng, what’s up with you these days?” later Song Anchen texted her.

But she didn’t reply, no matter how many text massages came in later, she never reply with another word.

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