About the Translations

For those who are or will be reading this post,

First, I am not a veteran translator, in fact this is my first time translating something. So I may be a little slow and may make some mistakes, so please bear with it.

Second, I only do this to improve my Chinese skills, so don’t expect me to be a devoted translator.

Third, I’m still a student, so I may go on hiatus on my exam periods.

Fourth, I’ll be mainly translating this book, which is If I Have You, What More Could I Ask For In This Life? (如若有你一生何求 [医生,一生何求]) – by Jin Zhu (锦竹). And I plan on translating another novel which is, Chong Zi (重紫)– by Shu Ke (蜀客), this is only secondary.

Fifth, If I don’t die suddenly or have some unfortunate accident (which I plan not to), I’ll be translating this till the end.

And Lastly, I plan on posting one chapter of my main translation on each Sunday. And as for the second one that’ll be much slower.

That’s all, Enjoy!


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