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If I Have You, What More Could I Ask For In This Life? (如若有你一生何求 [医生,一生何求]) : Chapter 1

Chapter 1 

Translated by Sutekii

Ye Yi Sheng has returned to her home city, the southern city is where she was raised, where many memories were embedded. For six years she stayed in other places, five years in the undergraduate nursing education system and one year of wandering.

Getting off the plane she headed straight to A City’s fourth prison. If it wasn’t because her father was being released, she certainly wouldn’t have returned to this city. She arrived at the fourth prison and looked around, but she didn’t see a person out. Raising her hand, she glanced at her watch, it was approximately seven o’clock in the morning, presumably wasn’t too early.

Putting down her luggage, she sat at the entrance of the prison, eagerly staring straight ahead. She couldn’t help scratching her fluffy hair and yawned, looking dispirited and exhausted. Her father was originally a government official, but due to corruption he was arrested and sentenced to six years in prison, and that year she was only in the senior year. Now in retrospect, she couldn’t help but smile, when her father was arrested, her mother committed suicide, and how she did survive it? Even she did not remember anymore.

“Ye Yi Sheng!” Suddenly someone calls her from behind. That voice……

She immediately frooze, the sound of the door closes behind her, as pragmatic stepping sounds were heard. She closes her eyes, she never expected to meet her former resident upon retutning.

Turning around she smiled, “Long time no see Song An Chen!”

Six years time surely flies, during childhood he had a pair of clean and transparent eyes and white skin that even women were envious of, her father always laughed at him, saying his appearance was more good-looking than girls. From kindergarten to high school, his perfect face always caused him trouble, love letters were everywhere, he even graduated with the school grass title. [1]

[1] Jiao Cao 校草, Most handsome guy in the school.

At present this man still has heinous good skin, an unceasingly handsome face filled with a breath of scholar aura.

Song An Chen smiled at her, while helping her with the luggage he said, “Uncle was already released around five o’clock this morning, he’s currently at my father’s place, I have came to pick you up. I think you know, you’ve been fooling around and have been missing for six years.”

Yi Sheng was in a daze, she ignored his last sentence and said, “Thank you.”

Song An Chen smiled at her, carrying her luggage into his car trunk. Yi Sheng took a glance at the car, it was a Bentley? She smiles wryly and followed him into the car. This childhood friend of hers, since young they have been two worlds apart. In order to save fifty cents she will line up an hour to buy eggs; she would never go to a high-end store to buy clothes, all her clothes were also just stall goods; her five years of tuition fee were paid by her hard work earned money. She didn’t remember the taste of upper class society. Her shabby self sitting in a Bentley car seems so out-of-place.

“I heard that uncle would be released at five o’clock this morning, so I came to pick him up. I didn’t think you would return.” Song An Chen said while driving, he didn’t look at her, instead his eyes were staring straight ahead.

Yi Sheng was slightly embarrassed of her forehead bangs, “My father is being release from prison, how could I not come?” She hollow a laugh or two, “Thank you for helping me take care of my father all these years.”

Song An Chen did not answer, he continued staring straight ahead, seemingly driving very seriously. Upon arriving at a red light, he stopped the car, pulled out a cigarette from the side small box and lit it up. He opened the window, facing the window, puff out, seeing his handsome profile, it was extremely elegant and melancholy.

When did he learn to smoke? Yi Shen was a little surprised. Many years ago when they were studying, someone in the class began to smoke, Yi Sheng felt that a man smoking was cool, but Song An Chen who was a little disgusted said, “Smoking is harmful to your health, it is a slow suicide, those that understand health and longevity will not smoke.” The Song An Chen that always knew about health and longevity was smoking.

A wisp of smoke drifted into Yi Sheng’s nose, being sensitive she coughed a few times, Song An Chen who face was outside the car stubbed out his cigarette, turned to look at her, “I’m sorry.”

At this time the light turned red, Song An Chen began to start the car.

The car began to quietly solidify, Yi Sheng wanted to ease the atmosphere so turned to Song An Chen and asked, “What is your current job?”

Song An Chen’s hands that was holding the steering wheel fluttered, appearing obviously shocked, “Just an internship at the hospital this year.”

Yi Sheng was a little dumbfounded, “You pass the A medical college examination?”

“Hmm.” Song An Chen nodded. Suddenly speechless, Yi Sheng tried tilting her head, looked away and began to be absent-minded. Since childhood, A medical college was her dream school, those years when she was studying, everyday she would complain that her own grades were not improving, she asked Song An Chen whose achievement was excellent to given her pointers. However, she remembers Song An Chen wanted to study economic and tradeto take over his mother’s business.

“Ye Yi Sheng.” Song An Chen spoke. Unprepared her entire body trembled and jump. She was most afraid of someone calling her, especially Song An Chen.

“Have you eaten yet?”

“Ah!” Yi Sheng didn’t think he’ll ask this, she hastened nodded, “Ate, I already ate.” This action was extremely exaggerated, like to strongly prove she have eaten.

“Then accompany me to eat a meal instead, this morning after I picked up uncle, I had to wait for you so I didn’t have time to eat.”

She had not had time to react when Song An Chen’s car suddenly turned a corner, into another lane. Yi Sheng was frightened, and turned to look at Song An Chen, he is still very carefully to drive.

She found that they haven’t seen each other in six years, the Prince that always had affection has changed so much, she could not see through nor did she understand him.

Song An Chen took her to a small snack shop, and his clothing seems out-of-place. She knew this street, this is the street snack that she would pass on the way home by during senior year. That year they would often have breakfast here, occasionally she would greedy eat more, taking a long time thus she would be late, causing Song An Chen who accompanied her, left standing in the entrance.

But that happy period, her childhood sweetheart years abruptly ended during high school. She shut off her own memories, not to imagine. Six years ago when she decided to leave here, she continously reminded herself to forget the past, forget everything about Song An Chen.

They entered the small snack shop, had not sat down when an aunty came over smiling at Song An Chen, “Xiao Song, you’ve came ah.” She dazedly stared at Yi Sheng, “is this your girlfriend?”

Yi Sheng looks towards the aunty, she knew this aunty, she’s a widow, who ran the small snack shop herself, surname Zhang. Yi Sheng courteously and gently laughs, “Zhang aunty, I’m Yi Sheng, do you remember?”

Zhang aunty who was surprised open her mouth, “Ah, Yi Sheng!” Zhang aunty immediately pulled out a chair and sat down, “I haven’t seen you for many years, Xiao Song said you went to college, but how come you didn’t return during the summer vacations?”

Yi Sheng said: “I’ve been busy with studies and it’s too far away from home so I was too lazy to return. But I haven’t come back now?”

Zhang aunty ha ha smiled, “You’ve kept your hair long that I didn’t recognize you, you’re becoming more and more beautiful.”

Yi Sheng also smiled, she couldn’t help but feel her long hair that she grew out for a few years. In fact, since childhood she always had long hair. That year in high school, she cut her hair short. She always prefered long hair, however her sick mother could no longer help her tie it and she didn’t know how to tie herself, so with no other choice she had to cut her long hair.

Zhang aunty said, “Yi Sheng, do you want to eat anything?”

Yi Sheng originally wanted to say she would like to eat the fried New Year cake that Zh a ng aunty personally cooked, but Song An Chen replied for her, “She already ate, give me a fried New Year cake and one package to take away.”

“Ah, well, okay, wait a moment.”

Yi Sheng cried without tears. When the New year cakes arrived, Yi Sheng can only helplessly watched Song An Chen leisurely eat her favorite fried rice cakes. After finished eating, Song An Chen carried another and exited, Yi Sheng had followed behind wistfully eyeing at the bag.

“Yi Sheng ah!” Zhang aunty suddenly ran out from behind and handed her a small book, “You left this behind that year, I originally wanted to tell Xiao Song to return it to you, but he insisted that I personally give it to you, saying that you will definitely return.”

Yi Sheng blankly glazed at the small book, for a moment she couldn’t breathe. That year she left behind a diary. he hesitated to reach out taking it from Zhang aunty and said, “Thank Zhang aunty.”

Zhang aunty waved her hand, Yi Sheng nodded and got into the car.

Slightly impatient, Yi Sheng stroke her diary back and forth, she clearly understands what was written in her diary, she can’t promise Song An Chen has not come in contact with it and seen the contents inside. If he did, then the secret she held for six years… …

She took a deep breath, turned to Song An Chen who’s driving and asked, “Have you seen this diary?”

Song An Chen casually glanced at the book in her hands, “No.”

Her heart suddenly felt at ease.

Song An Chen’s father Song Zheng and her father Ye Tian Ming were comrades, together they were assigned to the same city to settle down. Song An Chen’s father was in the Land Bureau, while Yi Sheng’s father was in the State Administration of Taxation Bureau, two people have the same synchronization, the relationship between the two has been like family. Until the occurrence of the corruption case, and her father being arrested, the two families haven’t been in contact since.

Song An Chen has a rich family background, not his father, but his mother. After his mother and his father’s divorce, she met a generous wealthy French man. When his parents divorced Song An Chen was just in junior high, originally was going to follow his mother, after all exit formalities were done, he backed out. No one knew what the child was thinking.

But Yi Sheng knew. She had been holding Song An Chen’s hand, told him not to go, and begged him to stay. Song An Chen’s could not stand seeing girls cry, very reluctantly stayed.

Yi Sheng in retrospect, always feeling some people have changed. That time they were really childhood sweethearts.

The car came to a stop in the Feng Shan District, Song An Chen turn sideways and said to Yi Sheng, “You stand here and wait for me, I’ll park the car into the garage.”

Yi Sheng nodded, seeing him drive away. She looked up, it’s still the old houses, the house had new hardware facilities added, they have been renovated like new, the building looks the same as those years ago.

Song An Chen came to her side, “Let’s go” one step ahead of her own will.

Yi Sheng pursed her lips, with a wry smile. On the third floor, Yi Sheng can not help but looked at the other side of that door, that was her home. Song An Chen followed her gaze, “The house has been empty.”

“Ah? Still haven’t been sold?”

“I do not know.” Song An Chen said as he took out the key and opened the door.

The door opened, two middle-aged men in the living room have paused, watching the door. Song An Chen pop his head inside looked, smiled and said, “Father, uncle.”

Ye Tian Ming smiled and nodded, looked behind Song An Chen, couldn’t help but be shocked. Yi Sheng from behind Song An Chen walked up, smiled and nodded, “Father, uncle.”

“Ah Yi Sheng.” Song Zheng full of joy, waved, “Come here, I haven’t seen you for six years.”

Yi Sheng went front of Song Zheng, Song Zheng gazed around, turned to Ye Tian Ming and said, “I remember Yi Sheng was older than An Chen by three months.”

“Sure, wasn’t that always Yi Sheng reason to bully An Chen?” Ye Tian Ming said also in a good mood.

“Oh, those two are both twenty-five years old, but my boy compare to Yi Sheng looks a lot older.”

“Mature boys are good.”

The two adults talked among themselves unaware of the time. Ye Yi Sheng stood there without the slightest idea about the meaning of some of their remarks and didn’t know what to do. Song An Chen sits on the side of the sofa, engrossed in his own mobile phone.

She had very reluctantly sat on the sidelines like a quite idiot.

The clock ticks, from eight thirty AM has been coming to twelve o’clock, two great talents have stood up, Ye Yi Sheng exhaled a heavy breath, it’s finally finished.

“Old Ye, hungry, we have a few drinks, I still have so much to tell you.”

Ye Tian Ming laughed, “No, ah, daughter is waiting.”

“Oh, Yi Sheng and An Chen certainly have lots to talk about, we do not bother the young ones, let’s go.” Ye Tian Ming being pulled out could not do anything, but turned around to Yi Sheng and said, “You wait here for me.”

“Okay.” Yi Sheng reluctantly pulled a smile. After he two people left, Yi Sheng drops her shoulders and squeezed her pinched brow with a look of exhaustion. She turned to Song An Chen, with a smiling face said, “Song Di Di (younger brother), do not know if there is to eat here?”

Song An Chen managed to look away from his mobile phone, looked at Yi Sheng, suddenly stood up, walked into the kitchen. Yi Sheng turned to his thin figure, drifted off. He packed the fried New Year cake into the bowl, placed in a microwave to reheat, boil some water, soak a bowl of Seaweed soup, “threw” it in front of her, then took big steps to sit down, and began fiddling with his mobile phone.

Although Yi Sheng is curious about what his fingers have been doing non-stop, but she choked back her words, alone she happily ate the fried New Year cake.

“You have a place to stay?” Song An Chen asked suddenly.

Yi Sheng blinks her eyes, put down her chopsticks and smiles: “Before coming here I went online to see the house rental prices, well, had not found a suitable one, so instead I found a small suitable hotel, take father to stay there for a few days, then find a suitable house.”

Song An Chen frowned, “Mobile number?”

“Ah? My mobile number is my college number, its long distance plus roaming. My number for here I’ll get one in a few days.”

He threw his mobile phone directly to her, “Put it in.”

“But long-distance plus roaming ……” one minute seven cents, she cannot afford it, she only had a few thousand dollars of her hard earn work money on her for daily living expense, the money is not used to such a splurge.

“I can help you pay the bill.”

Yi Sheng eyes lit up, rich people are always generous, wanting to save the poor.

“But I’m just paying for what I use.”


Song An Chen never lets himself be at a disadvantage, always the same. Fortunately, that thing, only heaven knows, the earth knows, she knows, and Lin Ruo Han knows.

Introduction: If I Have You, What More Could I Ask For In This Life? (如若有你一生何求 [医生,一生何求]) – Jin Zhu (锦竹)

如若有你一生何求 [医生,一生何求]

Brief Summary

Ye Yi Sheng is a non confident person, who loves an outstanding man, but lacks the courage to fight for this love. And when faced with an outstanding competitor, she cowardly retreats. However there is always an exception to the norm, the brilliant man just wants one particular flower a midst the glorious garden. Yi Sheng is that flower, but she desires too little, afraid to fight for love, and he loves too deeply.

(credits: this part is translated by Pm on bookshushengbar)


The first time, she ate him and she ran; the second time he ate her and went to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

“Doctor, what more could do you ask for in this life?”

Yi Sheng prettily said: “Follow Song An Chen and eat meat~”

Fly kicks, “I asked Dr. Song.”

“Take off her clothes and put on the wedding dress.”

Yi Sheng pitifully cries: “You took off twice.”


High drama, companion in youth; a cancer surgeon and small nurse’s reunion that reignite their love…

(credits: this part is translated by Sutekii on SUTEKI DA NE)